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Our sustainability actions

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Eco-smart paper packaging 1/4

The transition from plastic to fiber-based packaging has begun. We have launched pioneering FSC®-certified recyclable paper packaging for profile printed napkins in the Duni business area. Our planet needs more sustainable designs and less plastic. Period.

Turning food waste into napkins 2/4

It is one small step for lemon peels, one giant leap for the industry as our Duni brand launches fossil free premium napkins and table coverings. With the switch to new fossil free binders containing food waste, the Group moves towards a circular business model.

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More sustainable transports 3/4

On the road towards fossil free operations with HVO diesel. Transports to customers in Denmark will be conducted using renewable HVO diesel starting October 2021. The transition to HVO diesel contributes to 88 % lower carbon emissions compared to standard diesel trucks.

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First in the world 4/4

The journey towards fossil free operations continues with the implementation of fossil free propane gas (BioLPG) at our paper mill in Skåpafors, Sweden. It is a major step towards a 90-percent lower climate footprint.

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